Fields Mathematics Education Journal

Founded in 1992, the Fields Institute is a center for mathematical research activity - a place where individuals from Canada and abroad, from business, industry, education, and financial institutions, come together to carry out research and formulate problems of mutual interest. For almost two decades now, teachers, curriculum consultants, graduate students, pre-service teachers, mathematics education researchers, mathematicians, ministry and policy consultants, and members of the general public with an interest in mathematics education have been gathering monthly at the Fields Institute for the Fields Mathematics Education Forum to explore issues in mathematics education. The Steering Committee of the Fields Mathematics Education Forum is pleased to announce the launch of the Fields Mathematics Education Journal (FMEJ). This international peer-reviewed online journal aims to provide open access to the range of themes that attract attention of the mathematics education community in Ontario, Canada and internationally. The focus of this periodical is to stimulate discussions, reflections, research, and commentaries about mathematics education within and between different interest groups. The FMEJ particularly encourages submissions of manuscripts related to presentations at the Fields Mathematics Education Forum. The journal is intended for any person interested in mathematics education, including researchers and practitioners. It has an international editorial board and will be published bi-annually. All submissions are peer-reviewed. Both submissions in English or French are acceptable. As it is the case with the Fields Mathematics Education Forum, the FMEJ is open for a variety of viewpoints. The views expressed or implied in the publication, unless otherwise noted, should not be interpreted as official positions of the Fields Institute. Manuscripts previously published in other journals, books or electronic venues are not accepted for review.


Table of Contents


Letter from the Editors: Introducing the First FMEJ Issue Abstract PDF
Dragana Martinovic, Donna Kotsopoulos 1
Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Understanding: Searching for Differences Based on School Curriculum Background Abstract PDF
Ann Kajander, Jennifer Holm 3
Traverses through the landscape of reflective thinking: Teachers’ actions in the context of lesson study Abstract PDF
Nirmala Naresh 21
Peer Interactions in a Computer Lab: Reflections on Results of a Case Study Involving Web-based Dynamic Geometry Sketches Abstract PDF
Margaret P. Sinclair 43
Mathematics Pre-service Teacher Education in Ontario: Consultation Brief Regarding the Extended Pre-service Program Abstract PDF
Ann Kajander, Donna Kotsopoulos, Dragana Martinovic, Walter Whiteley 62
Math Blame Game Abstract PDF
Veselin Jungic 68